POL Jobs Online

POL Jobs Online- Apply for the one and only dream job

POL Jobs Online- Apply for the one and only dream job

Everyone is looking for a job these days, and even though there are not many open job listings available, there are still industries that want people to work for them. If anyone has an interest in working in the oil field and oil sector, then this article is just for them! If the applicant is knowledgeable about working in the oil industry, then POL Jobs is the career for them.

POL Jobs are looking for someone who is well-mannered, well-educated, and knowledgeable about working in the oil sector. They offer excellent pay rates and a proper work-life balance. They allow people to advance in their careers and make this a full-time job.

We will give more information about them right now so, let’s get started.

What job positions are available?

Pakistan Oil Limited are catering to every person that is interested in working in the oil industry. They offer entry-level jobs with minimum wage, as well as higher-paying jobs for those who are more experienced in the oil industry.

They offer several different jobs including HSE Engineer, which is a high-paying job with longer working hours. Another opening is for people who want to work as a secretary. This job allows people to work full time and get a high wage.

There are also options, from choosing to become an Instrument Engineer as well as a Maintenance Engineer, but for this, one needs to qualify according to the requirements and they need to have at least a Bachelors Degree.

Some officer positions are also available including Medical Officer, which caters to those who are more interested in the medical side. Senior Officer is for employees who have been in the oil industry for a long time.

Other jobs available are Nursing Staff, Field Staff, Excavator and Boiler Engineer. These also require higher education but have minimum working hours as compared to the other listings.

How can I apply?

If anyone wants to apply for any of the jobs listed above, they can head over to the website mentioned, and there, the applicant will find a form that is a requirement to fill out. The form will require the statement of the applicant’s name, place of residence, email address, phone number etc. After the applicant is done filling out the form, they can submit it and wait for the callback.


All in all, POL is an excellent industry in which anyone can work. POL provides countless opportunities to be an Engineer or a Staff, and anyone can earn a lot of money and enjoy a fulfilling career. Fill out the form, as the last date to apply is 27th November 2021, and see the dream career come to life!



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