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Jazz Call Packages – Daily, Weekly and Monthly Call Packages

Jazz has become the most popular telecommunication company in Pakistan because of its services. They are providing the best services and packages to their users. All the packages are cost-effective, and you get what you pay for.


With time they introduce a new package that attracts a huge crowd. The main purpose of the company is to facilitate them. Today, we will discuss few essential call packages that have made life easy. So, take a look at them.

Types of call packages provided by JAZZ

Jazz has introduced various packages that are suitable for different people. We have the detail of the packages. Select the one that you think is best for you.

Jazz weekly super-duper

This package is the best suited for people who have to spend a lot of time making calls and using the internet. In this package, you get 1500 on-net minutes with an extra 50 off-net minutes. The MBs you get for using the internet are 3000MBs with 1500 SMS.  For a week, it is quite a good package. You can buy this package by dialling the code *770# in Rs.199.

Monthly Super Duper

People who want to relax for a month can use this package. This package is available for Rs.680. In this package, you will get 3000 on-net minutes with 100 off-net minutes. Furthermore, you will get 3000 MBs and 3000 SMS which is sufficient for a month. The validity of the package is 30 days. To subscribe to it, you have to dial *706#.

Jazz Super Duper Monthly Card

For a month, you get two options to avail yourself of. It is the second one. In this package, you will get 2000 one net minute, 150 off-net minutes, 2000 SMS, and 2000MBs. To subscribe to this package dial, a code *601# in Rs.600.

Jazz Super Duper Card Plus

People who have to work from home or have to use data and talk on calls can subscribe to this package. In this, you will get 4000 on-net min, 200 off-net. Besides this, you will get 8000Mbs and 4000 SMS in Rs977. The subscription code is *707#

Name of package Facilities Charges Code
Jazz Weekly Super-Duper 1500 on-net, 50 off-net, 3000MBs, 1500 SMS Rs.199 *770#
Monthly Super Duper 3000 on-net, 100 off-net, 3000 MBs and SMS, 150 off-net Rs.680 *706#
Jazz Super-Duper monthly card 2000 MBs, on-net and SMS Rs.600 *601#
Jazz Super Duper Card 4000 on-net, SMS, 8000 MBs, 200 off-net Rs.977 *707#


These are few packages that you can get. Hence, the codes and the prices get changed after a few times. So, take a look at them. Because you may get confused about the amount that is deducted from your balance.


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