Ushna Shah with Ahmed Ali Akbar latest Pictures Together

Ushna Shah is the most talented and rising star of Pakistan’s showbiz. Recently she worked in a drama named Parizaad as a co-worker with Ahmed Ali Akbar that got much popular among Pakistan and all over countries where Pakistani drama’s have been seen. These talented actors are popular in Pakistan and getting love from overseas.

Ahmed Ali Akbar is the most handsome boy in Pakistan’s showbiz industry. But in his recent drama, he portrays the hurdle of a boy that lives in poverty and dreams of becoming something in his life. Being in character, he has to change his color into a dark brown shade as per the character’s demands. But his acting in Parizaad was outstanding. It is also predicted that Parizaad will nominate as the best drama serial.

Ushna and Ahmed Ali were on screen after the drama and invited to many shows together. They both are wearing dresses with black and white color codes. Ushna seems to be more lively and fun-loving in real than in the role she did in Parizaad.

They both look gorgeous together, as you can see in their latest pictures.


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