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Sania Mirza and Hassan Ali’s wife Samiya Arooz were spotted on camera together

Sania Mirza is a well-known person in India and Pakistan as she is a champion of India and became the wife of Shoaib Malik years prior. On the other hand, Samiya Arooz is also popular in both countries as she was a flight engineer in the Emirates and is the wife of Hassan Ali.

They both are from the same country and are married to the same field persons. Shoaib Malik is now playing his role as a batsman and Has shown remarkable performance in recent matches.

Moreover, Hassan Ali shows his excellent skills as a bowler in Pakistan’s Cricket team. They both were spotted in a recent match cheering up their spouses. They both are good friends.

You can also see Nazia Hassan, wife of Muhammad Hafeez, enjoying her husband’s batting. Gorgeous ladies were in the ground to enjoy the match and cheer up their spouses. All supporting wives look so adorable and excited, as you can see in pictures in this post.


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