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A memorable moment captured by Saheefa Jabaar with her father

Saheefa Jabar is one of the talented actresses of Pakistan Showbiz. She starts her career as a model but with time she gains a lot of success in the industry. With her hard work and look she wins the heart of the audience. Her looks and dressing are admirable by people.

A memorable moment of Saheefa with her father

We all know that Saheefa is one of the talented ladies in the Industry. She got married to Khwaja Khizer three years ago. But they do not have a baby. Saheefa comes into the industry as a model. But her hard work and passion make her a successful actress.

Now people admire her. Saheefa stays toned on social media and updates her fans with pictures and videos. Nowadays, one video of Saheefa is viral with her father. Her father is sleeping on her shoulder and snoring. Hence, she captured this moment and share it with her fans. A lovely video of father and daughter.


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