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CDA Jobs 2023 – Capital Development Authority Jobs

CDA Jobs

People who want to do a job in a government sector where the chance of their promotion is mandatory, then they must apply for a CDA job. Capital Development Authority is a government sector that is looking forward to the best candidate who falls on the criteria they set for the applicants.

The best part of this firm is, they look at each application in detail. Because they want to select the person that is multitasking and has various skills. For example, the candidate must be passionate about his work. He should be a fast learner. He must know which strategy he must adopt to achieve the goals. Can work under all conditions. Hence, this firm aims to give productive work. For this purpose, they have to select the active candidate.

Overview of Capital Development Authority

Capital Development Authority is a government firm that works under the jurisdiction of Islamabad Capital Territory. This firm works for the benefit of the public. They are responsible for various tasks like the execution of projects, management of the estates, and the development of the sector. This firm comes into being on 14 June 1960.

But now, most of its responsibilities are hand over to another firm known as Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation. This firm handles some responsibilities of CDA. However, CDA still has duties to work on. So, you can apply here to enjoy the benefits provided by them.

Available vacancies In CDA Jobs

  • Medical Specialist
  • House Officer
  • Site Engineer
  • General Surgery Consultant
  • Civil Engineer
  • Khakroob
  • Medical Officer
  • Woman Medical Officer
  • Anesthesia Technician
  • Attendant
  • Lady Doctor
  • Spray Man
  • Security Guard
  • Cardiology Consultant
  • Doctor
  • Staff Nurse

Benefits and the salary In CDA Jobs

We know that a government job is a better opportunity for people. Hence, this firm provides a favourable environment to its employee. So, they can work properly and give the best results. So, here is a list of benefits that Capital Development Authority provides to its employees.

  • Relaxed working hours
  • Enjoyable events and programs
  • Assistance programs
  • Motivating management
  • Free meal and tea
  • Free of cost traveling

How to Apply In CDA Jobs

  • Visit the official website of the Capital Development authority that is
  • Submit your professional CV and other essential documents.
  • Select the position for which you are applying and submit the form.
  • Wait for the interview call.
  • Make sure that all the information you mentioned is correct. It increases that chance of hiring. If any misleading information is provided, then it results in the cancellation of the application.
CDA Jobs

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