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Reveal the reason behind the divorce of Bushra Ansari and Iqbal Ansari

Bushra Ansari: Bushra Bashir is a golden asset of the Pakistan Showbiz. She is an inspiration to people. Due to her acting skill, her fan following is big. It is one reason that people admire her and love to watch her on the screen. She has given various successful projects to the industry. That is why she achieved the heights of success.

Bushra Bashir and Iqbal Ansari

Bushra Bashir and Iqbal Ansari were a good couple. Their marriage works for 36 years. But five years before, they are separated. Initially, they don’t think to reveal the reason for divorce. It is because Bushra observes it is not good to share it.

Bushra stands by her decision, and in an interview, she revealed that it is better to get separated than spend an awful life. The couple faces various difficulties in 36 years. Bushra tried to continue the relationship, but it was not working. So, the best decision is the separation.

She continues, it is not a bad thing to give the divorce. It is the right of a person to spend the best life that they deserve. However, they both have brought up their children nicely. Now, they are settled and enjoying a better life.


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