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Ayesha Omer celebrating her 40th birthday

Ayesha Omer is one of the celebrities in Pakistan Showbiz. She is well-known for her different roles on the screen. Her role in various dramas is different. She always comes up with some different role that is not the part of her character. It is one main reason that why people like her.

Ayesha Omer celebrating her birthday

Ayesha Omer is a talented start to the industry. |IF we discuss her age, then she turns 40 in 2021. The latest picture that is viral on social media is her birthday celebration with her close friends.

Besides being a stunning actress, this girl is also known for introducing new styles in the industry. However, she was on target for her dressing in the Lux Style Awards. But she did not bother with this news. She continues her style, and on her birthday, she is wearing a bold black dress. All the new pictures of Ayesha are revolving on social media.


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