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Asim Azhar Mother Faces a Difficult Phase After Divorce

Asim Azhar Mother: Asim Azhar is a popular pop singer. He is a son of very well reputed parents. His mother is a well-known actress who has performed various best dramas. His father was a singer. That is singing is inherited in him.

Asim Azhar Mother

Asim Azhar’s mother is a famous actress, Gule Rana. She is popular for her negative acting. Initially, she was the associate producer. She was talented, and Muhammad Ahmad suggests she start acting. Hence, it was the time when she starts her acting career with Tooba Siddiqui, Faisal Rehman, and Shehroz Sabzwari.

Marriage of Gule Rana

Gule Rana becomes famous for her acting skills. She is talented and gives a stunning performance in various dramas. She gets married to Azhar Hussain. They both fell in love. Azhar Hussain was married, but her first wife doesn’t have any objection. Asim is a child of Gule Rana and Azhar Hussain.

In one interview, Asim reveal that his father divorced her mother in anger. Because he has no control over his anger. However, Asim always admires his stepmother and siblings. He is very close to his elder sister Rabia. He also mentions that his mother faces a tough phase after her divorce but puts effort to make his son’s future bright.



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