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Amir Khan spending quality time with his family

Amir Khan is one of the best boxers of Pakistan. He played very well and a proud of Pakistan. He starts his boxing at an early age and it is worth mentioning here that at an early age he has won some best titles like the early age English School title, three junior ABA titles, and gold 2003 junior Olympics.

Amir Khan pictures with family

Amir Khan is one of the best boxers of Pakistan. He has made his nation proud of himself. His wife is a stunning personality who works as a model for the photo-shoot. Amir Khan has two nationalities one is Pakistani, and the other is British.

He wanted to open an academy for boxer lovers. So, he can train the newbies some best stunts of boxing. Besides being the best boxer, Amir is one of the best husbands and fathers. Nowadays, new pictures of Amir with his family are viral on social media. He is spending quality time with them.


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